2019 Jamul Indian Coin Set - Mohawk


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Get this new 2019 set that honors the Mohawk Nation in the popular Native American series. Located in New York State and southeastern Canada, the Mohawks are one of the original member tribes of the Iroquois Confederacy. They are known as the Keepers of the Eastern Door for their role as guardians against invaders from the East. The common reverse design features a rabbit, representing ingenuity, while each obverse is marked with iconic images uniquely associated with Mohawk daily life:

  • 1¢ Bear – symbolizes courage, physical strength and leadership
  • 5¢ Longhouse – a wood-frame building covered with elm bark
  • 10¢ Mask – considered sacred art and used in special ceremonies
  • 25¢ Chief – Thayendanegea led the fight against America in the Revolutionary War
  • 50¢ Warrior – a protector of the Confederacy’s eastern border
  • $1 Mohican Tribesman – wearing a cap with an insignia and three eagle feathers

Officially recognized as a sovereign nation by the U.S. government, the Jamul Nation is legally authorized to issue its own commemorative coins, including this handsome Uncirculated six-coin set honoring the Mohawk Tribe. It is limited in mintage to 25,000. Affordably priced, it comes in a colorfully illustrated display card with a certificate of authenticity. Order today!