2019 Jamul Indian Coin Set - Comanche


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This new 2019 Uncirculated six-coin set in the Jamul Nation's well-received Native American series honors the Comanche Tribe of the Great Plains. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Comanche horsemen set a pattern of nomadic equestrian life principally throughout the southern plains surrounding the Texas panhandle; today the Comanche Nation is headquartered in Lawton, OK.

The obverse design on all the coins features a horse head. Each reverse depicts detailed images uniquely associated with Comanche daily life:

  • 1¢ arrowhead – chiseled from stone and used in hunting and fighting
  • 5¢ parfleche box – carry-all made of rawhide and decorated
  • 10¢ horsehead – profiles the animal central to the Comanche way of life
  • 25¢ warrior – Comanche on horseback
  • 50¢ mother with baby – children from birth to 10 months were carried in cradleboards
  • $1 Comanche Tribesman – shown in a full headdress

The Jamul Tribe is officially recognized as a sovereign nation by the U.S. government and is legally authorized to issue its own commemorative coins, including this beautiful set honoring the Comanche. It comes in a colorfully illustrated display card and with a certificate of authenticity. A handsome set, attractively priced – with a mintage limited to 25,000 – this offer is expected to go quickly. Don't delay, order today!