2018 P&D Washington's Signature U.S. Innovation Dollar Set


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Get the first Uncirculated coins in the 2018-2032 U.S. Innovation dollar series, with this "P" and "D" set!

  • Uncirculated coins from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints
  • Dollars come presented together in an attractive, fact-filled display card from Littleton
  • Reverses feature George Washington's signature as it appeared on the first U.S. patent
  • First patent issued in 1790 to Samuel Hopkins for this new process of making concentrated potash
  • Created from hardwood ashes in early America, potash was a key ingredient of fertilizer for fruits and vegetables, was essential to the textile industry for bleaching linens and making soft soap to wash wool before weaving, and was used to make glass and china

You'll learn fascinating facts about this first design with our informative display card containing Uncirculated Philadelphia "P" and Denver "D" mint coins – order your set today!