2018 Jamul Indian Coin Set - Native Miami


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Here’s the distinctive 2018 commemorative set honoring the heritage and culture of the Miami Tribe. This group of hunters and farmers were originally spread throughout Indiana, Illinois and southern Michigan. They were powerful warriors who allied with the French during the French and Indian War. Images once associated with their daily life and history are shown on the reverses of this handsome 6-coin Uncirculated set:

  • 1¢ Canoe – crafted from hollowed-out trees
  • 5¢ Bison – an important food source
  • 10¢ Animal Hide – used by tribespeople for clothing and building material
  • 25¢ Wigwam – a traditional Miami house
  • 50¢ Tribesman – shows a warrior holding a rifle and tomahawk
  • $1 Miami profile – features a man wearing a traditional headband with feathers

The common obverse depicts a stylized Sandhill crane, which is a sacred bird to the Miami Tribe. Officially recognized as a sovereign nation by the U.S. government, the Jamul Tribe is legally authorized to produce commemorative coins and issued this beautiful set honoring the Miami. Each set comes in a colorful, illustrated coin card ready to display!