2017 Jamul Indian Coin Set - Crow Tribe


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This distinctive 2017 commemorative set honors the heritage and culture of the Crow tribe. The nomadic Crow once roamed the Great Plains along the Yellowstone River, in what is now Montana and Wyoming, in their search for buffalo. Images once associated with their daily life and history are shown on the reverses of this handsome 6-coin Uncirculated set:

  • 1¢ moccasins – traditional footwear
  • 5¢ horses – important animal in Crow culture
  • 10¢ warrior – features tribal warrior on horseback
  • 25¢ medicine man – revered within the Crow tribe
  • 50¢ dancer – performance of the Dog Dance
  • $1 tribesmen on horses – scouts on horseback

The common obverse depicts a stylized crow. Officially recognized as a sovereign nation by the U.S. government, the Jamul tribe is legally authorized to produce commemorative coins and issued this beautiful set honoring the Crow. Each set comes in a colorful, illustrated coin card ready to display!