2012 P&D Grover Cleveland Presidential Dollar Set


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Following a government decision to halt production of Presidential dollars for circulation, the 2012 issues honoring Grover Cleveland's first term became the second Presidential dollars minted in limited quantities for collectors only!

  • Second 2012 Presidential issues, with Philadelphia "P" and Denver "D" mint marks upon edge
  • Second Presidential dollars struck in limited quantities for collectors only!
  • In preferred mint Uncirculated condition
  • Honoring Grover Cleveland, 22nd president from 1885-1889 (served a non-consecutve 2nd term from 1893-1897)
  • President Cleveland fought fraudulent Civil War pensions and forced the railroads to give back more than 81 million acres of western lands obtained through bribery and kickbacks

Add the limited-issue 2012-P and 2012-D Grover Cleveland first-term Presidential dollars to your collection in mint Uncirculated condition.