2011-D Lincoln Head Cent


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Celebrate U.S. coinage history with this Uncirculated 2011-D Lincoln cent – continuing the reverse design of a union shield! You'll receive the Denver Mint coin (with "D" mint mark).

The ongoing design follows the special Bicentennial reverses of 2009, the Lincoln Memorial reverse of 1959-2008, and Wheat Ears reverse of 1909-1958. The union shield dates back to the 1780s, features 13 vertical stripes for the original states, and is seen on frescoes throughout the U.S. Capitol. The shield was widely used during the Civil War era, with its inscription E PLURIBUS UNUM ("out of many, one") signifying unity. For the new coin design, a horizontal scroll bears the denomination ONE CENT.

Treat your family and friends with the Shield design – purchase your Uncirculated 2011-D Lincoln cent today!