2009 U.S. Mint Set (36 coins), Uncirculated


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Here's a historic set you won't want to miss – the official 2009 Mint Set! You'll get every Uncirculated coin, from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints, just look what it holds:

  • 8 2009 Anniversary Lincoln cents – struck in the same bronze alloy as the original 1909 issue
  • 8 Presidential dollars – designs issued only in 2009
  • 12 D.C. & U.S. Territories – 6 "P" & 6 "D" quarters issued only this year

Plus, you get:

  • Two Jefferson nickels, Roosevelt dimes, Kennedy halves and Native American dollars (the first with a one-year-only reverse)!

Enjoy 36 coins – all Uncirculated – get this BIG set filled with one-year-only designs, and in official U.S. Mint packaging!