2008 P&D James Monroe Presidential Dollar Set (2-Coins)


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Get Uncirculated Philadelphia "P" and Denver "D" issues of the first 2008 Presidential dollars, depicting 5th U.S. president James Monroe.

  • Honoring the 5th U.S. president, James Monroe
  • Uncirculated Philadelphia and Denver Mint issues
  • "P" and "D" mint marks inscribed upon the edge
  • Date of issue and two mottoes also found on the edge
  • Minted for only about 12 weeks, then never again!

  • James Monroe fought with distinction in the Continental Army, served as U.S. senator from Virginia and as U.S. minister to France, as well as two terms as U.S. president from 1817-1824. His 1823 Monroe Doctrine forbade European powers from any further colonization of or interference with independent nations in the Western Hemisphere.