2008 Andrew Jackson Presidential Dollar Error, Missing Edge Lettering


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Now own a scarcer satin finish Jackson Presidential dollar Error coin that's found only in 2008 Mint Sets – offered here in premium-quality Superb Gem Uncirculated condition! Presidential "golden" dollars made history when they debuted in 2007 – they were the first circulating U.S. dollar coins to feature edge lettering in over 200 years. But soon, pieces began popping up that had somehow escaped the mint without their edge lettering! These 2008 Andrew Jackson dollars are missing the date, mint mark, motto e pluribus unum and motto in god we trust (which was moved to the obverse in 2009) – and were even dubbed "Godless" coins by the media!

These dollars feature a special satin finish used only on coins found in official 2008 U.S. Mint Sets. They were struck on burnished blanks using sand blasted dies and struck in quantities far lower than regular Uncirculated coins. Just 1,490,928 satin finish Jackson dollars were struck, and of those, only a fraction are the scarcer, missing edge lettering errors offered here! Now that the Presidential dollar series has ended, unusual errors like these are quickly disappearing into private collections, so order yours today!