Modern Commemorative - Silver - 2004-P PR63


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His early schoolteachers labeled Thomas Edison "slow." He later proved them wildly wrong, producing 1,093 patented inventions - the highest number in U.S. history. Now you can bask in the glow of his genius, with the 2004 Thomas Alva Edison commemorative silver dollar. This important Proof honors the 125th anniversary of the development of Edison`s incandescent light bulb. Although he and Joseph Swan both independently produced light bulbs, Edison received major credit, as he developed the technology necessary to make electric lighting practical. Issued for this year only, this important 90% silver Proof pays tribute to a man whose ideas such as the phonograph and the motion picture camera revolutionized our way of life. A mirror-like finish and frosty detail enhance designer Donna Weaver`s image of the man called "The Wizard of Menlo Park." Shown on the obverse, Edison holds an experimental light bulb, while his first 1879 light bulb, rendered by John Mercanti, decorates the reverse. You`ll want to own this limited-mintage (just 500,000 struck!) tribute to our most prolific inventor. Displayed in a presentation case, complete with a certificate of authenticity.