2002-2023 P&D Kennedy Half Dollar Set

Philadelphia & Denver Mints (44 coins)


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Because vending machines and other coin-operated devices don’t accept 50¢ coins, Kennedy half dollars lost their usefulness in daily commerce years ago. So mintage was slashed beginning in 2002 to just enough coins for collectors, with few – if any – released into circulation. You can now get a complete Uncirculated set of the low-mintage Philadelphia and Denver Mint 2002-2023 Kennedy halves!

  • Complete set of 2002-2023 P&D Kennedy half dollars
  • All 44 coins in preferred mint Uncirculated condition
  • All low-mintage coins

Most of these limited-issue coins disappeared into collections immediately after issue, and they grow scarcer with each passing year. Order your complete Uncirculated 44-coin set today and SAVE off individual coin prices!