2002-2020 P&D Kennedy Half Dollar Set


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Because vending machines and other coin-operated devices don't accept 50¢ coins, Kennedy half dollars lost their usefulness in daily commerce years ago. So mintage was slashed beginning in 2002 to just enough coins for collectors, and no half dollars have been issued for circulation since then. You can now get a complete Uncirculated set of the low-mintage Philadelphia and Denver Mint 2002-2020 Kennedy halves!

  • Complete set of 2002-2020 P&D Kennedy half dollars
  • All 38 coins in preferred mint Uncirculated condition
  • All low-mintage coins never released for circulation

Most of these limited-issue coins disappeared into collections immediately after issue, and they grow scarcer with each passing year. Order your complete Uncirculated 38-coin set today and SAVE off individual coin prices!