2001-P Sacagawea Dollar U.S. Mint Improper Annealed Sintered Planchet

Philadelphia Mint


Select a Grade: Superb Gem Uncirculated 67 PCGS

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Despite strict quality and inspection procedures at the U.S. Mint, these 2001-P Sacagawea dollars escaped the facility to become celebrated errors! Dubbed “improperly annealed” by independent grading services, they were struck from planchets (blanks) improperly prepared during the annealing stage which softens the blanks to facilitate striking. Due to excess duration in the annealing furnace, or failure to maintain the proper atmosphere in the furnace, atoms from the copper core of the planchets migrated to the manganese brass surface and turned the normal “golden” finish into this deep copper-brown color. The coins offered here have been certified and encapsulated by PCGS in highly desirable Superb Gem Uncirculated 67 condition. Order now to give a premium-quality error coin!