2000-2008 Complete P&D Sacagawea Dollar Set


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Introduced in 2000, Sacagawea dollars saw minimal usage. From 2002-2008, they were withheld from circulation and struck only in limited quantities for collectors. As a result, most of the Uncirculated coins in this set feature mintages as low as the Proof coins! Then in 2009, new annually changing reverse designs were introduced – and the date, mint mark, and motto e pluribus unum were moved to the edge of the coins. So the original Sacagawea dollar design, with the Eagle reverse, will never be minted again! You'll receive:

  • 18 Uncirculated coins in all
  • SAVINGS off individual coin prices

The golden dollars in this complete P&D set are beautiful coins that will be treasured for generations. Each handpicked Uncirculated coin displays full mint luster, with no wear from circulation. Don't delay – these coins will never be minted again – order your set today!