1993-W (1991-1995) World War II $5 Gold Commemorative, Choice Proof, PR63


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Struck at the West Point Mint, this special 90% gold piece commemorates the 50th anniversary of WWII by depicting "V" for victory. During the war, this symbol made famous by Winston Churchill became a sign of encouragement and hope. In 1993, when the mint used "V" and •••— ("V" in Morse code) as a design element on the reverse of this $5 gold coin, it created the only U.S. coinage featuring Morse code.

Now you can add this special $5 gold commemorative Proof to your collection and recall Morse code's role in war efforts. Both the Allied and Axis powers used this code to send encrypted messages over short wave radios, and relied on it in battle. The coin's obverse depicts a soldier with his arms raised in victory and the dual dates 1991-1995. With just 67,026 Choice Proofs minted and many already in private collections where they could remain for years, you'll want to get your 50th anniversary WWII commemorative now!