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Now celebrate America's historic treasure – the Bill of Rights – with these 90% fine silver 1993-S Choice Proofs that feature mirrorlike surfaces and frosted details. James Madison drew his inspiration for the Bill of Rights from many historical documents, and introduced his proposal at the First Congress in June 1789. It guaranteed our essential rights and liberties – freedom of speech, protection against unlawful searches, right to a fair trial and more – and eventually became the first 10 amendments to the Constitution.

Struck 25 years ago at the San Francisco Mint, both limited-edition one-year 1993-S silver Proofs feature James Madison, known as the father of the Bill of Rights. The silver dollar displays his portrait while the reverse shows his Virginia home, Montpelier. The half dollar's obverse shows him penning the document with the inscription father of the bill of rights, and the reverse bears the torch of freedom. Enhance your collection with these tributes to freedom today. When you buy both, you'll get a FREE display case and FREE replica of the Bill of Rights.