1991-S Mount Rushmore Golden Anniversary Half Dollar


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In 1927, sculptor Gutzon Borglum began an artistic undertaking of monumental size. His subjects were four presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln & Theodore Roosevelt, and the Black Hills of South Dakota were his canvas. This massive stone tribute took 14 years to finish! The Mount Rushmore Memorial now stands as the world's greatest mountain carving – the "Shrine of Democracy," representing America's freedom and strength.

The 50th anniversary of this historic landmark's completion occurred in 1991. To mark that occasion, the San Francisco Mint issued just 738,419 clad half dollar Proofs. Long considered the finest example of the minter's art, each Proof features the imposing sculpture accented by frosted designs and mirrorlike surfaces, with the bison on the reverse. This one-year coin is a shining tribute to America's legendary monument, bring it home now.