1979-S Type 1 & 2 (Filled & Clear) Susan B. Anthony Dollar Set


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When the first small-size dollars debuted in 1979, the “S” mint mark on premium-quality Proofs had little distinguishing shape. These “Filled S” (Type 1) Anthony dollar Proofs were due to a worn mint mark punch. Late in the year, the punch was replaced and much scarcer 1979 “Clear S” (Type 2) Proofs were created.

Honoring women’s rights activist Susan B. Anthony, these first small-size dollars were the first circulating U.S. coins to depict a woman other than an allegorical figure. Briefly minted Anthony dollars are now prized collectibles and the scarce 1979 Type 2 Proofs are in great demand. Only about 15-20% of all 1979 Anthony Proofs are coveted “Clear S” Type 2 coins. Fill the empty spaces in your Anthony dollar album with both varieties of the 1979-S Proofs and SAVE off individual coin prices!