1979-P Susan B. Anthony Dollar, Wide Rim (Near Date) Variety, Uncirculated


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Now's your chance to own the scarcer issue 1979-P Wide Rim Anthony dollar – commonly called the "Near Date". In 1979 during the Susan B. Anthony's very first year of issue, the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia altered its rim, making it wider and bringing it closer to the date on the coin. Offered here is that distinctive second variety – the desirable "Near Date" dollar!

Though controversial when first released because they were easily confused with the quarter, today collectors love America's original small-size dollars. Depicting women's rights pioneer Susan B. Anthony on the obverse, and a rendition of the Apollo 11 insignia on the reverse, this coin is now 30 years old. While many collectors already have the more common Far Date variety, they're missing this scarcer Near Date coin. Add one to your collection today – we were last able to feature it four years ago, and our supply is limited!