1979 & 1999 Susan B. Anthony Set with Folder


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Collectors love coins that represent "firsts" and "lasts" – now you can give both, with this all-mint set of Susan B. Anthony dollars from the first and last years of the series! These were America's first small-size dollars, and the last series of the 1900s! Out of issue for nearly 2 decades, these coins from the shortest U.S. dollar series since 1839 will only become harder to find. With this set, they'll enjoy shining Uncirculated coins from each mint that struck them – Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco:

  • 1979 PDS issues – from the first year of the series – includes the Far Date "P" variety
  • 1999 P&D issues – no Anthony dollars were struck in San Francisco during the series' final year! Includes the lowest-mintage circulation issue of the series – 1999-D.

This exciting "first and last" set also comes with a FREE folder to organize and display!