1979-1981 3 Varieties Susan B. Anthony Dollar Set


Select a Grade: Uncirculated/Proof

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Whether you're starting a collection of Anthony dollars now, or whether you'd like to round out an existing one, here's your chance! Plus, these hard-to-find varieties will complete your Susan B. Anthony album. Choose from these exciting issues:

  • 1979-P "Near Date" Dollar, Uncirculated – During the Susan B. Anthony dollars' first year of issue, the Philadelphia Mint altered its rim, making it wider and bringing it closer to the date on the coin.
  • 1979-S & 1981-S "Clear S" Dollars, Proof – These scarce Type 2 coins were created when the mint mark punch that was used to strike them broke and was replaced. The earlier Type 1 coins display a shapeless blob "S," while the Type 2 coins feature an "S" with distinct and clear openings.

These elusive pieces are missing from many collections and are sought after by collectors. Availability of these scarcer varieties is limited, so be sure you secure them for your collection today!