1969 B&C $1 Federal Reserve John B. Connolly Star Note Set

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Get a 2-note $1 Federal Reserve Star Note Set from one of the most storied chapters in U.S. history. Texas Governor John B. Connolly was riding with John F. Kennedy when the president was tragically assassinated in 1963. Seriously wounded himself, Connolly recovered. When the ambitious WWII staffer to General Dwight D. Eisenhower was appointed Secretary of the Treasury by President Richard Nixon, the $1 1969B Star Note was printed with his signature. Later that year, a new U.S. Treasurer was appointed, and a $1 1969C Star Note was issued, also bearing his signature. With every change in secretary or treasurer, a letter is added to the date and a new note printed.

Star notes replace notes damaged during production and are scarcer than regular issues. In Choice Crisp Uncirculated condition, this affordable two-note $1 Federal Reserve Star Note set with John B. Connolly’s signature comes in a FREE currency wallet, each note in a protective sleeve. These historic notes deserve a place in your collection of paper currency or political ephemera – order today!