1968-2003 Complete "S" Mint Jefferson Nickel Set (37 coins)


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Imagine owning an impressive collection of some of the most spectacular nickels ever made - in one easy step. Now you can, with this complete set of "S" Mint Proof Jefferson nickels. You'll get 37 beautiful coins, every Jefferson Proof minted from 1968-2003, including both the Clear and Filled "S" varieties from 1979, as well as the 2003 coin - last with the traditional designs now replaced by images honoring the Lewis & Clark expedition.

This extensive group also features the 1968-S first-year Proof. Not only is this the first Proof Jefferson to be struck at the San Francisco Mint, it's also the first Proof ever to bear the "FS" initials of coin designer Felix Schlag. Plus, you'll get the hard-to-find 1986, 1988 and 1990 issues. And remember, these are Proof coins, the best-looking coins made.

Proofs have mintages far lower than regular issues, and are struck especially for collectors. Each meticulously polished coin blank is struck at least twice, creating stunning mirror-like surfaces and frosty raised designs. Unrivaled choice for you, they have long been considered the pinnacle of the minter's art. And now , when you order this complete "S" Mint Proof Jefferson nickel set, you'll SAVE off individual prices!