1964 P&D Washington Silver Quarter Set


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Now own a last-year P&D set of 1964 Washington quarters struck in 90% silver. These traditional quarters with the Eagle reverse mark the last time circulating U.S. coinage was minted in 90% silver – in 1965, the composition changed to clad. Today 50 years later, the 1964 silver issues are sought after by thousands of collectors.

Across the nation in 1932, celebrations marked the 200th anniversary of Washington's birth and in his honor, the mint released a new quarter design intended as a one-year commemorative!

When George Washington was born in Virginia in 1732, few could have foreseen the events that led him to become one of America's most important and influential leaders. From wilderness surveyor to military officer and Revolutionary War commander, Washington was a man of many skills, integrity and character. And, when the newly independent United States elected its first president, he won by unanimous vote. So it's only natural that the "supposed one-year commemorative" with his profile would be so popular that its design still graces the quarter today.

The days of circulating silver coinage vanished long ago. But, this pair of 1964 Philadelphia and Denver Mint issues in Average Circulated condition makes an affordable way to enjoy 90% silver Washington quarters.