1964-1965 Kennedy Half Dollar Set (2 coins)


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Mark a milestone in coinage history with this 50th Anniversary set! It brings you the first-year 1964 and second-year 1965 Kennedy half dollars – two coins that highlight the nation's switch from circulating silver coinage to clad. In July 1965, Congress and President Johnson signed into law an act to eliminate silver in the dime and quarter, making them copper-nickel clad, and change the half dollar's composition to 40% silver. Now mark this landmark event with this affordable 2-coin set of silver Kennedys.

In 1964 to honor the memory of America's beloved leader, the Kennedy half dollar was rushed into production, and circulating U.S. coinage was struck for the last time in 90% silver. A year later, clad coinage debuted including the 40% silver Kennedys! Recall this important transition with this handsome set, and SAVE!