1963B Complete $1 Federal Reserve Barr Note Set


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Among the most sought-after U.S. paper money of the late 1960s are the short-lived "Barr" Notes. These distinctive $1 Federal Reserve Notes bear the signature of Joseph W. Barr, who served as Secretary of the Treasury during the last 28 days of President Lyndon B. Johnson's administration. Barr was replaced when President Nixon chose a successor. Due to Barr's short term, his signature appeared only on the $1 notes of Series 1963B.

You can now own a complete five-note set, including one from each of the Federal Reserve districts that issued them. Though there are 12 Federal Reserve districts, Barr Notes were only issued from five districts. This exciting set lets you enjoy these short-lived issues from New York, Richmond, Chicago, Kansas City and San Francisco. After more than 40 years, these seldom-seen Federal Reserve Notes are still in Crisp Uncirculated condition. Claim your complete set of short-lived "Barr" $1 Notes today, and SAVE off individual note prices!