Complete 12 District Set of 1963 $1 Federal Reserve Star Notes

(12 notes)


Select a Grade: Choice Crisp Uncirculated

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Don’t miss your chance to own a complete set of Series 1963 $1 Star Notes – one from every Federal Reserve District that issued them – 12 notes in all! Last issued over fifty years ago, these Choice Crisp Uncirculated notes hail from the first-ever series of $1 Federal Reserve Notes, and were tucked away for decades as part of an original group. Plus, they’re all scarcer star notes – with a star next to the serial numbers. Star notes are issued to replace notes damaged during production, and are much scarcer than regular issues. In fact, less than 8% of all series 1963 $1 notes are Stars!

The left side of each note bears an identifying initial representing one of the 12 Federal Reserve District Banks. It’s difficult to assemble these complete district sets, and our supply is limited – order this complete 12-note set today!