1960 Lincoln Cent Set (4 coins) in Showpak


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Great opportunity to add the four varieties of 1960 Lincoln cents to your collection!

  • Set features the scarcer 1960-P and 1960-D small-date variety minted January-March, with thicker digits, tighter curves in the 9 and 6, and a smaller zero
  • Set includes the 1960-P and 1960-D large-date variety on which the digits are thinner, there's a wider curve to the 9 and 6, and the zero is rounder
  • Mechanical problems temporarily halted mint production of Lincoln cents in the first quarter of 1960
  • Exclusively packaged in an informative holder

Get these Uncirculated 1960 Small-Date and Large-Date Lincoln cents from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints while our supplies last!