1960-1964 Last Five "P" Mint Silver Washington Quarters


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Enhance your collection with beautiful 1960-1964 Proof Washington quarters struck at the main U.S. Mint in Philadelphia. Proof coin production was put on hold from 1965-1967, and was then moved to San Francisco starting in 1968, so these 1960-1964 coins were the last 5 Proof quarters struck at Philadelphia. They're also from the last 5 years of 90% silver circulating coinage.

Featuring extra sharp images and brilliant mirrorlike surfaces, these low-mintage 1960-1964 Proof coins recall dramatic years in U.S. history – the first men in space, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the assassination of a beloved president and Beatlemania. You'll add historical interest, premium quality and shimmering silver to your collection with a set of 1960-64 Proof Washington quarters now over 50 years old! Order today and SAVE off individual prices.