1959-2023 100 Different Lincoln Head Cent Set

(100 coins)


Select a Grade: Uncirculated

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In one simple step, add 100 different Lincoln cents to your collection – all in preferred Uncirculated condition! Here are highlights of this exciting set:

  • Get 70 different Memorial reverse Lincoln cents
  • Plus all eight P&D 2009 Anniversary cents – honoring Lincoln’s Birthplace, Formative Years, Professional Life and Presidency
  • Includes the 1959 P&D – the first Lincoln Memorial cents, and the 2008 P&D – the last Memorial cents
  • 3 different 1982 issues when the composition was changed
  • 13 different Shield reverse cents including the new 2023 issue
  • A total of 100 different Lincoln cents all in mint Uncirculated condition

You won’t find preferred Uncirculated coins like these in your pocket change. And now you can enjoy this impressive set of 100 different Lincoln cents and SAVE off single coin prices!