1959-2009 Lincoln Cent Set


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In one simple step, add 100 different Lincoln cents to your collection – all in preferred Uncirculated condition! Here are highlights of this exciting set:

  • Get 93 different Memorial reverse Lincoln cents, including at least one coin from every year of the 1959-2008 Memorial design
  • Plus all four 2009 Anniversary cent designs – honoring Lincoln’s Birthplace, Formative Years, Professional Life and Presidency
  • Includes the 1959 P&D – the first Lincoln Memorial cents, and the 2008 P&D – the last Memorial cents
  • Contains Lincoln cents from all 3 mints that struck them – Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco
  • 3 different 1982 issues when the composition was changed
  • All 100 Lincoln cents are in mint Uncirculated condition

You won’t find preferred Uncirculated coins like these in your pocket change. Order today!