1957-1963 U.S. Paper Money Seal Set (3 colors)


Select a Grade: Crisp Uncirculated

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Here's a great opportunity to kick start or give a big boost to your paper money collection. You'll enjoy three historic types of U.S. paper money – including two now obsolete – and each featuring distinctly colored Treasury seals and serial numbers. Plus, all three notes are in preferred Crisp Uncirculated condition:

  • 1957 $1 Silver Certificate with blue seal and serials – once redeemable for silver on demand and from the final series year of these prized collector favorites
  • 1963 $2 Legal Tender Note with red seal and serials – printed in limited quantities compared to other denominations and from the last series year of issue
  • 1963B $1 Federal Reserve Note with green seal and serials – historic first series year for $1 Federal Reserve Notes – now the workhorses of American commerce

Begin or enhance your paper money collection with heirloom-quality blue, red and green seal notes and SAVE off individual prices!