1955 Franklin Half Dollar CIRC


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You can now own the lowest-mintage issue of the short-lived Franklin half dollars! Less than 2.5 million Franklin halves were struck in 1955, and only at the Philadelphia Mint. An October 1955 article in The Numismatic Scrapbook Magazine says: "In two years new coinage has been cut almost in half." Demand for coinage was limited, and the U.S. Mints were operating at minimum capacity.

In 1963, after just 16 years of production, the 90% silver Franklin half dollar was curtailed to honor President John F. Kennedy soon after his assassination. This made the Franklin half one of the shortest-lived series of the 20th century.

Fortunately for collectors today, hoarders put aside Uncirculated rolls of 1955 Franklin half dollars at the time they were issued. Now is the time to add the prized 1955 Franklin half dollar to your own collection!