1952 PDS Franklin Half Dollar Set


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Own a complete All-Mint Set of P, D & S Franklin half dollars from 1952. Back in their years of issue (1948-1963), these silver 50¢ pieces represented a lot of money to set aside or collect, so most went into circulation and wore out through use. But with this special set, you’ll get the 1952, 1952-D and 1952-S issues in affordable circulated condition.

First struck over 70 years ago, Franklin silver half dollars honor founding father Ben Franklin, who helped draft the Declaration of Independence and negotiated critical military and trade alliances during the American Revolution. During their years of issue, Franklins were America's largest circulating coins and the last coin series minted each year in 90% silver. Add this historic 1952 PDS All-Mint Set to your collection now and SAVE off single prices.