1950-D Jefferson Nickel with Five Full Steps


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Nicknamed Full-Step Jefferson Nickels, well-struck examples showing the third president’s Monticello home with five steps clearly defined are a rare find. That’s because only those coins issued from early die strikes feature full steps on the reverse. Rarer still is to find high-grade Uncirculated Full-Step issues of this key-date 1950-D nickel. The Denver Mint only issued 2.6 million of these low-mintage coins, making them the lowest mintage regular issue of the series and a sought-after key date. NGC has certified just 1,546 Five Full-Step 1950-D Jeffersons in the hard-to-find MS-65 grade and 1,704 in MS-66. When we were presented with this special opportunity purchase, we didn’t hesitate! Neither should you – finding these rare Full-Step Jeffersons gets more difficult with each passing year. Graded Gem Uncirculated by our experts and certified by NGC, we don’t know when we’ll be able to offer them again. Place your order today!