1948-2021 Deluxe Jefferson Nickel Set


Select a Grade: Uncirculated/Proof

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Expand or upgrade your nickel collection with this set of high-quality Uncirculated and Proof coins! You’ll get 80 different date and mint mark issues of 1948-2021 (dates our choice).

You’ll enjoy low-mintage Proof nickels struck for collectors only on specially polished blanks and never-used Uncirculated nickels displaying full mint luster and all the original design details.

  • 14 low-mintage Proofs, 62 Uncirculated issues & 4 our choice
  • Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco Mint issues.
  • Pre-2004 issues – all with the original Jefferson portrait and Monticello reverse designs
  • All four 2004-2005 Westward Journey designs
  • 2006-2021 coins with the forward-facing portrait of Jefferson

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