1948-1963 Franklin Silver Half Dollar Set


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Ben Franklin was one of America's most interesting Founding Fathers. Printer, publisher, inventor, scientist, author, public servant and diplomat, he was also a well-known "ladies' man" and a shrewd businessman, able to retire at 42. He was among the first to identify lightning as electricity, the first Postmaster General of the United States and published America's first political cartoon. His curiosity was as boundless as his energy and his mind was as quick and brilliant as the lightning he captured in his Leyden jar!

Like Franklin himself, the coin series that bears his name stands out among U.S. 20th-century half dollars. It is:

  • America's last circulating coin series struck entirely in 90% silver
  • The shortest half dollar series of the 20th century – struck for just 16 years
  • The first regular-issue coin to show an actual person who wasn't president
  • The largest coin struck for circulation, during its years of issue

These are just a few of the reasons collectors prize the silver Franklin half dollars of 1948-1963. Only 35 different date and mints make up a complete set, so take advantage of this special offer – you get your entire collection of circulating coins immediately and SAVE money!