1946-2021 Complete Roosevelt Dime Year Set


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This Complete 1946-2021 Year Set of Uncirculated Roosevelt dimes spanning the first 76 years of the series will take your collection to new heights! Franklin D. Roosevelt led the nation through the Great Depression with bold and innovative New Deal programs before serving America as commander in chief during World War II.

When America’s only four-term president died in 1945, Congress immediately voted to honor Franklin D. Roosevelt with his portrait on a circulating coin. Now, highlight your collection with a Roosevelt dime from the first year of issue in 1946 through 2021 – 76 coins in all – in preferred Uncirculated condition. The dimes from 1946-1964 are all in 90% silver, while the 1965-2021 issues are clad. Honor an American legend by ordering this collection today, and SAVE off the regular price.