1945 WWII Mercury Dime & Stamp Set


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Honor the great contributions of the U.S. Coast Guard on the 75th anniversary of the great Allied victory in WWII. This exclusive coin & stamp set from Littleton recalls the Coast Guard’s heroic efforts during World War II. The custom display card showcases two historic wartime issues:

  • Circulated 1945 Mercury Dime struck in 90% fine silver
  • Mint 1945 3¢ U.S. Stamp depicting two

Coast Guard landing craft with a supply ship in the background the fact-filled, illustrated display card recalls the many operations of the Coast Guard during WWII, including the defense of Pearl Harbor, patrolling U.S. shores, their efforts to search for enemy subs, evacuating wounded U.S. troops and helping to get troops and military equipment to the beaches in landing craft during the daring D-Day invasion. Recall the heroism and courage of those brave Americans with this exclusive coin and stamp set honoring the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII and enjoy a special SAVINGS!