1945 Complete Mercury Dime All-Mint Set


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Add the last-year-of-issue 1945 Mercury silver dimes from Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco to your collection – plus get the sought-after "Micro S" variety – and SAVE!

When the San Francisco Mint used two different punches in 1945, it created the smaller "Micro S" mint mark in addition to the regular one. Yet, it was unknown until two years later, when an eagle-eyed collector discovered this unique key variety in 1947. Now you can own the "Micro S" issue, plus its companions – the Denver, Philadelphia, and "Normal S" San Francisco issues – in one complete set. These four different coins are must-haves if you've ever hoped to build a complete date and mint mark collection of 90% silver Mercury dimes. And at this price, you won't want to wait!