1943-P - 1946-S Complete Wartime Lincoln Cent Set


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Own this complete 12-coin set of historic WWII Lincoln cents issued from 1943-1946 in Circulated to Uncirculated condition and SAVE! You’ll own all three 1943 PDS Steel cents, and all nine Shell Casing cents from 1944-1946 issued from the Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco Mints.

Because copper was needed for WWII ammunition and armaments, the one-year-only 1943 cents were struck in zinc-coated steel. The U.S. Treasury melted more than 162 million over the years, and today they are seldom found in circulation. You’ll also get all 9 Shell Casing cents minted from 1944-1946, created from spent shell casings melted down and combined with pure copper, creating these legendary coins. Over 70 years later, nearly half of the historic Wartime cents in this set are still in original Uncirculated condition! This complete set comes in a handsome display case. Order now to enjoy special SAVINGS off the regular price.