1943-D Mercury Dime, Full Bands


Select a Grade: Gem Uncirculated 66 NGC

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Get a beautiful Gem-quality World War II-era 1943-D Mercury silver dime – carefully preserved for nearly 70 years! These 90% silver coins were struck the same year Italy surrendered, and General Dwight D. Eisenhower was named the Supreme Allied Commander.

Graded Gem Uncirculated MS-66 with Full Bands by our experts, then certified and encapsulated by PCGS, these high-quality collector favorites display full original mint luster, and all the details of what is widely considered the finest design on a small-size U.S. coin. Symbolizing freedom of thought, the obverse depicts Liberty in a winged cap (mistaken for the male god Mercury). The reverse features a bundle of rods with an ax – an ancient Roman symbol of authority. Plus, these pieces are especially wellstruck, displaying full bands around the bundle of rods.

The coins offered here were issued by the Denver Mint –where fewer than 1/4 of all 1943 Mercury dimes were struck. And today, Gem survivors are seldom seen… Add this affordable high-quality classic to your collection today!