1942-P Jefferson Wartime Silver Alloy Nickel


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To save military efforts during WWII, the nickel was removed from Jefferson nickels, and they were given a temporary 35% silver composition. These historic coins had only been issued since 1938, a few short years, before their alloy changed. Because silver Wartime nickels were only issued from 1942-1945, they make an interesting group to collect by themselves, or to complete a collection.

  • October 1942, marked the first time "silver Wartime nickels" were struck
  • That year was also the first time the "P" mint mark was used, indicating "silver" issues
  • 1942 marks the first time the "P" Philadelphia mint mark was used on any U.S. coin
  • The "P" is prominently displayed above Monticello on the reverse

A favorite of collectors, we are especially fortunate to be able to offer these vintage Wartime Jefferson nickels – which offer exceptional historical significance and will only become harder to find. Grab them now!