1941 Lincoln Head Cent, Red


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You can own a scarce 1941 Lincoln Wheatie cent graded Gem Proof by our experts and certified by PCGS. Impressive and brilliant, exhibiting highly desirable original red color, Lincoln Wheat cents like these are prized by collectors.

This amazing group of Wheatie Proofs is from a special purchase and hand selected for quality. They were struck at the Philadelphia Mint during the year the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and the United States entered World War II. Just 21,600 Proofs were produced – a very small quantity compared to modern mintages exceeding one million.

To date, PCGS has certified only 139 of this low-mintage issue as Gem Proof 66 Red and just 9 coins higher. Luckily, these brilliant 1941 Proofs with sought-after original color have been meticulously preserved for the past 75 years! Each Gem Proof 66 Premium cent is an exceptional-quality coin with above-average eye appeal. All are full red, graded by our experts and certified by PCGS – don’t wait to reserve yours!