1941-1945 Mercury Dime Year Set


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From Pearl Harbor and D-Day to America’s great victories in Europe and the Pacific... historic Mercury dimes recall our country’s glory days with this design by famous sculptor A.A. Weinman. Now you can own a “Last-5-Years” set of these 90% silver classics – one from each year of U.S. involvement in World War II, 1941-1945. When you order this special set today, you’ll enjoy SAVINGS off the regular price and get FREE SHIPPING to your home. Plus, respond today and get a FREE reprocessed one-year-only 1943 Steel Cent – struck to save copper for the war effort.

Don’t delay... the classic 90% silver dimes in this set are long out of issue and sought after by collectors. Order your 5-coin 1941-1945 set in Genuine condition today – while we can still offer this great low price and savings!