1939-1953 Washington Silver Quarter Set (5 coins)


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Hard-to-find early issues of 1939-1953 Thanks to the popular Statehood quarters and the ongoing National Park program, collector attention on the Washington quarter series has never been greater! Especially desirable are the 90% silver issues of 1932-1964, featuring the traditional Eagle reverse design and struck in modest quantities compared to modern issues. These hard-to-find early issues are needed by every collector striving to assemble the series!

You can now get five different 90% silver Washington quarters in affordable Average Circulated condition, and all at least 60 years old. You'll receive the pre-war issue of 1939, the WWII quarters of 1943 and 1944, and the 1951 and 1953-D issues recalling the Korean War and "Ike" Eisenhower's election to the presidency. Order today and you'll SAVE off individual coin prices!