1938 P&D Jefferson Nickel Set


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Now add this sought-after 1938 &1938-D Jefferson nickel set from the first year of the series to your collection. In that era, collectors didn't save quantities of the 1938 Philadelphia and Denver nickels, but luckily, these low-mintage issues were put aside, so today you can highlight your collection with lustrous, original Mint State coins.

This long-running series began the same year Orson Welles' radio broadcast of caused panic, Seabiscuit beat War Admiral and Time magazine named Hitler "Man of the Year" for his Munich Agreement. The Jefferson nickel had lots of buying power, back then minimum wage was 25¢, a grilled cheese cost 25¢ and a gallon of gas 10¢, so many of these went into circulation and stayed.

Although Philadelphia originally minted about 19.5 million nickels and Denver about 5.3 million, with the Great Depression, WWII and the economic boom of the '50s, these coins saw lots of use. Now 75 years later, experts estimate just 1% of first-year 1938 Philadelphia and 8% of Denver issues survive in Mint State grades. Get your Uncirculated Jefferson nickel P&D set now, and SAVE!