1938 D over D Buffalo Nickel


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Don’t miss this special offer of desirable last-year-of-issue 1938 D over D Buffalo Nickels in great condition! When our buyers came across this small group, they bought them on the spot. As last-year-of-issue coins, many 1938 Denver Mint Buffalo nickels were set aside in their original rolls shortly after they were minted. And, among those rolls were a limited number of the scarcer D over D issues. This variety was created when some 1938 Buffalo nickels were struck with dies that had been punched twice with the Denver mint mark. Because they were set aside at their time of issue, you can now own a nice original Mint State 1938 D over D Buffalo nickel that is well struck with attractive natural toning and full mint luster. These coins were hand selected for quality and eye appeal, graded by our buyers and certified by NGC. Don’t miss this opportunity to add an outstanding example of the sought-after Buffalo nickel variety to your collection. We have very few, so order yours today!