1937 Buffalo Nickel in Deluxe Holder

Philadelphia Mint


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Act fast and you can own a beautiful, lustrous Mint State 1937 Buffalo nickel at a very reasonable price! Thanks to a special opportunity purchase, we’re fortunate to be able to offer you these Uncirculated and Choice Uncirculated favorites from the final year they were struck at the Philadelphia Mint. It’s not often we see this American classic in these grades, and our stock is limited. Despite an original mintage of around 79.5 million, many of these Great Depression-era nickels were widely used in circulation. As a result, experts estimate less than 1% of the 1937 Buffaloes survive today in Mint State condition. Each coin is presented in a deluxe holder with an identification label. Whether you want a single high-grade example of a Buffalo nickel or you need this date and grade to fill a spot in your current collection, claim yours today!